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Firmware Security: How to Identify and Prevent Vulnerabilities

Cyber attacks on hardware or IoT devices can have a far-reaching and deadly impact. Learn how you can make firmware more secure.

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When engineering and software security professionals think of security, the focus is often on preventing adversaries from successfully attacking web applications. This makes sense, as web applications are the predominant target of hackers.

However, software is only a portion of the attack surface an adversary can target. Whether the goal is to steal sensitive information, disrupt normal operations, or cause harm to infrastructure, hardware and product security must also be considered.

Download this whitepaper to learn how you can identify and prevent firmware vulnerabilities. In this paper, you will explore topics around:

  • Cyber attacks on hardware that have led to massive damages.
  • New threats that require a new way of thinking.
  • Hardware and software security guidance.
  • Prioritizing firmware security to avoid breaches.