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Complete Guide to Using SD Elements for Cloud Migration

Moving to the cloud alleviates organizations from the burden of maintaining physical infrastructures, but adds new threats. Learn how you can secure your move.

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Moving to the cloud relieves organizations from the burden of purchasing, expanding, and
maintaining physical infrastructures. For all its benefits, moving to the cloud can also introduce new threats and risks.

A cloud environment is not inherently less secure than an internally managed environment. Cloud service providers have the resources to harden their environments, however, not every deployment includes all those services.

In this whitepaper, we're exploring the threats in the cloud environment and how you can securely migrate. Download to read about:

  • New threats when you're moving to the cloud.
  • Translating security standards into actionable controls.
  • Balancing security with time to market.
  • Securely migrating to the cloud using SD Elements.