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The best path: How to become an application security engineer

The best path: How to become an application security engineer 

Author: Jennifer Zaino 

The jobs and recruiting site Glassdoor puts the national average salary for an application security engineer at $98,040. That’s higher than what a tech pro could earn on average as an IT security analyst ($67,056), network engineer ($73,165), or developer ($75,441). In certain markets, the payoff for moving into an application security engineer career can rise even higher—in San Francisco, the average salary is $135,916.

You may have been thinking about how you can break into this hot area. Who wouldn’t find it exciting to hunt down application vulnerabilities before the bad guys do or gratifying to add value to a business by securing the software development lifecycle? What you’ve got to figure out is how to most efficiently position yourself to move into such a role from your current security or other IT job.

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