SD Elements Addresses Critical Needs for the U.S. Federal Government

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Copyright © 2022 Security Compass. Updated 2022 Jan SD Elements Enables ATO for U.S. Federal Government Agencies Streamline DevSecOps Adoption and Achieve Rapid or Continuous ATO The Problem: Challenges with obtaining an ATO U.S. federal government agencies are under constant pressure to rapidly meet software delivery deadlines. But all applications must comply with security requirements and obtain Authority to Operate (ATO) before deployment. Unfortunately, the ATO process can take months to complete. What is causing the delays in the ATO process? Manual compliance processes combined with reactive testing methodologies can cause significant delays. Use of spreadsheets to track security controls is a major roadblock. You can reduce process time by 96 percent through automation.* Use of scanners or penetrations tests is reactive and leads to costly remediation. You can avoid vulnerabilities from the start with automation. *Result from Security Compass' in-house study. The Solution: Shift security left to obtain ATO faster By shifting security left, developers can build or modify software securely from the start and ensure compliance with security standards, such as NIST RMF. This will enable you to obtain ATO faster. SD Elements, a leading Balanced Development Automation platform, integrates security into software development by automating security and compliance processes. It is the resource required to speed-up the ATO process. SD Elements is now available in the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Platform One Iron Bank repository.

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