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Copyright © 2019 Security Compass. Updated 2019 Dec Just-in-Time Training An integral part of our SD Elements solution that delivers training just when it's needed. 49% of employees prefer to learn at the point of need! (2) Integrates with your Issue Tracker Developers can access and consume training using your issue tracker, so they don't need to learn a new system or switch between systems during tasks. Microlearning is a training method that delivers content in small, bite-sized pieces of information to employees. Just-in-Time Training takes this training methodology a step further by delivering content when and where the employee needs it — at the "point of action" where employees are most likely to make mistakes. Security Compass' Just-in-Time training embeds knowledge into business processes (i.e. JIRA, Rally) so that users can find answers to their questions without interrupting their workflow. It appears as video microlearning content that is directly associated to the task assigned to the individual - meaning your developers can access training on a particular piece of code at the exact time they need it. (1) (2) Since training content is provided as microlearning modules, we are able to quickly make changes - keeping your staff abreast of the latest regulation changes and controls. Tailored and Up-to-Date Developer training is tailored to your own organization's policies, tasks, and tools sets, and is regularly updated with the latest security standards and development tactics. Work Task-Relevant Training is presented in bite- sized units during a work task to promote immediate application of new knowledge, which has been shown to increase learning and reduce error rates. (1) 49%

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