Managing Application Security

April 9, 2019

Insights from Financial Institutions: An Application Security Survey

Even though most organizations prioritize application security, many feel overwhelmed when trying to grasp the enormity of securing their software portfolios and struggle to get their security programs off the ground at all. In order to help solve this problem and offer some clarity, in 2017 we embarked on a research project into the security practices of financial institutions and the insights they can offer for organizations in all industries. Some of our findings included in this guide:

  • 75% of financial institutions place a high or critical priority on application security

  • Only 8% track the amount of money spent on vulnerability remediation

  • 50% of respondents procure at least half of their software from third-party vendors, and 17% primarily rely on this, however, less than 50% require vendors to have an application security policy

Learn more about application security trends in the financial industry by reading the full report above. 


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