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SD Elements Helps One of the Largest American Multinational Financial Companies Save Millions in Development Costs

SD Elements Helps One of the Largest American Multinational Financial Companies Save Millions in Development Costs


"We purchased SD Elements to help accomplish our objectives: to reduce the amount of interim production vulnerabilities, to provide requirements for the development early in the development life cycle, and, overall, to educate our developers in secure coding"- Security Manager

"If we hadn’t built this close relationship, agreeing to partner with SD Elements to integrate the requirements, it would have been a far greater challenge than it is today"- Security Manager

Summary of the report

Building secure and compliant software can be costly for companies that operate in highly regulated industries such as the financial industry – especially when requirements are addressed late in the software development life cycle (SDLC). Due to its size and diversity, one American Multinational Financial Company’s cost of security compliance had escalated into millions of dollars every year.

Challenge: Integrating security requirements early in the SDLC

The company has a robust development community of approximately 3,000 developers in more than 25 countries. But despite having all this manpower, an inordinate amount of time – and money – was being spent on remediating vulnerabilities late in the software development process.

Solution: Automate the identification of security requirements with SD Elements

SD Elements is a software security requirements management solution that eliminates high-risk vulnerabilities at the earliest stages of the SDLC – before scanning even begins. It provides prescriptive, secure coding advice based on the project’s application technology, business, and compliance drivers.

Benefits: Hard cost savings and greater efficiency

With the help of SD Elements, the organization was able to significantly reduce the number of vulnerabilities requiring remediation in each of its application projects, by an average of 67%. The return on investment was calculated to be 190% in the full report.

Using SD Elements also allowed the company to realize labor cost savings, overcome challenges with Agile development, and meet international compliance standards.