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Easy Threat Modeling with SD Elements

Learn how our expert platform can automate threat modeling in your organization.

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Easy Threat Modeling with
SD Elements

An Automated Threat Modeling Tool Built for Agile and DevOps Environments

Our Policy-to-Execution platform, SD Elements, offers a scalable threat modeling solution for enterprises, efficiently securing whole application portfolios in a fast-paced DevOps environment. SD Elements has an extensive threat library, acting as the most comprehensive and flexible platform for acting on the output of your threat models.


SD Elements' new approach to threat modeling for Enterprise. Identify the majority of your applications' threats–without all the time, cost, and hassle that diagrams demand.

SD Elements

A scalable threat modeling solution that translates policies into actionable tasks.

Offers automated threat modeling, optimizing your enterprise’s application security in a scalable way
Enhanced focus on Agile and DevOps - making threat modeling possible for all applications
Supported with an extensive threat library

Just-in-Time Training

SD Elements delivers actionable tasks to developers along with bite-sized training modules so that they can mitigate identified threats with proven countermeasures.

Enterprise Delivery Services

We ensure the successful adoption of SD Elements in your organization and help you to act on the output of your threat modeling process.



Adopt automated threat modeling to build applications in a fast-paced development environment


Threat modeling (for all applications) that scales better than diagrams

Expert Knowledge Base

Use our expert knowledge-base, created and maintained by our research team.

Force Multiplier for Security Architects and Privacy Engineers

Allow your existing experts to accomplish more by leveraging automation.

Operationalizes the Threat Model Output

Act on the threat model output via training and multiple SDLC integrations

The DevSecOps Solution

Perform threat modeling for applications in a time-efficient, scalable manner

Our solution fits into your DevOps toolchain and enhances it. Now, you can rely on automated threat modeling for a more efficient approach to security.

To maximize efficiency, manual methods should be restricted to your most critical applications. Start by using an automated threat modeling approach.

SD Elements has extensive integration capabilities, with plugins including Jenkins, Jira, and Microsoft Azure Pipelines.

SD Elements provides organizations with an efficient way to perform threat modeling in a DevOps environment.

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