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Major Financial Institution Onboards Over 1500 Applications in SD Elements


•Our client did not have and could not find enough people with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve our security objectives.

•Our client's current staff, especially security experts, could not keep up with the amount of work that was being asked of them.

•Threat modeling was difficult to integrate with their agile development.


•Our client wished to include threat modeling and security requirements into their application security program.  

•They found it was a challenge to onboard many existing and new apps.

•They had limited FTE staff available.

By contrast:

One employee can onboard roughly 111 apps onto static analysis a year. 

They have a team of 9 FTE onboarding apps to static analysis. 


Onboard applications in SD Elements to get automated threat modeling and security requirements. 


•Our client onboarded 240 apps in 4 months using half an FTE (~1400 apps per year per FTE) “…because it's so easy to use and is self-service.”

•SD Elements can scale over 12x faster than static analysis.