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A Major Financial Institution Uses SD Elements’ Knowledge-Base to Standardize Internal Security Practices



 The client had strong security policies and best practices in place on their internal wiki. However, implementing security measures meant that the development team had to go through all pertinent best practices to ensure that their application was adhering to the appropriate standards. Everyone read and understood the internal policies in different ways and implemented controls accordingly, resulting in multiple security issues.



 Our client onboarded SD Elements, which gave their developer teams access to a strong information security knowledge-base. By using SD Element's knowledge-base, the development team was equipped with secure, reusable code snippets that could be directly used in their applications.




Our client’s development team no longer had to spend time organizing and defining the way best practices were incorporated into their code. With SD Elements, they received reusable code that matched the platform and technology they were working on exactly. The client’s teams now have more time for developing applications instead of reading wikis in an effort to be compliant.