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A Large U.S. Organization Onboards SD Elements and Wins CTO Office Award of Excellence


Originally, the client used their own certification process for application security: each application would go through this process before it went to production. Over time, however, the inefficiency of this process and major resource constraints created an unmanageable backlog, with applications taking as long as 6 months to make it through the certification process. As a result, the executive board identified this project as high priority and put a halt to any other projects until this one was resolved.



The client brought in and rolled out Security Compass’ policy-to-execution platform, SD Elements which quickly eliminated the backlog the organization was facing, hence, significantly speeding up their certification process.  



The rollout of SD Elements was considered such a success from a business perspective that the organization received the CTO Office Award of Excellence for Best Project that year. The client was able to adopt an efficient application security method for their organization.