Welcome To Seccom Labs

Welcome to Seccom Labs, our site dedicated specifically to helping developers, architects, testers, and everyone else involved in the SDLC with security. This page will include tools, blog entries, articles, videos, whitepapers, and security scenarios.

Some of you may be wondering why we’re releasing Seccom Labs when other great open resources like OWASP exist. To start, we wholeheartedly support the OWASP mission and in fact I personally head the OWASP Toronto chapter. The reasons we’re launching Seccom Labs are simple:

  • Increase community interaction — We’ve created popular tools like Exploit-Me; we want to continue to create tools and libraries and want to increase community involvement. All of our tools will now feature a publicly accessible bug tracker.
  • Developer focused — We want a site dedicated specifically to the software development community. Although our materials will be relevant to the information security community, our resources will be primarily directed to people whose day-to-day responsibilities revolve around software development.
  • Consistency — All of our resources come from Security Compass employees and we’ll ensure a consistency in quality, language, and general principles.

Seccom Labs represents a culmination of our shared experience in securing software. We hope you find it useful and we appreciate any feedback you have for us!

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