Updated Security Courses: Java and .NET Security Training

April 19, 2013

We’ve had Java and .NET secure coding CBTs for a number of years now. If I remember correctly we were one of the first to have Application Security CBTs bundled with hands-on lab exercises (TrueLabs), which was amazing. This year, I’m excited to say that we’ve brought our Tailored learning format into our .NET secure coding and Java secure coding courses streamlining them with the rest of our courses and providing a much needed refresh. We’re calling these courses Defending .NET and Defending Java and they continue embrace our Tailored Learning Curriculum, made popular by our OWASP training.

Course Learning Features include:

  • Courses are modular and bite-sized — modules are approx 10 minutes each, so you’re able to learn quickly and jump to sections of relevance. Quickly learn defensive coding concepts.
  • Each module gives context to the learner by showing a vulnerability in the context of a Application Security business risk and how an exploit affects the overall application.
  • We demonstrate the solution in code and walk through the result of the fix. Students will better understand what the business problem is, what the technical solution is, and how the business risk will be reduced due to their lessons in secure coding.
  • New TrueLabs (coming soon) exercise sets to perform lab exercises upgraded to match these new courses using the .NET 4.5 framework
  • We build upon our existing curriculum courses such as OWASP Top 10 training, and Exploiting Defending Web Applications training, so students are learning the most relevant information to their goals, how to securely code.

I’m extremely excited to present these courses and our TrueLabs for these courses. We will continue to aim to bring you the most exciting, relatable and fun Application Security training out there.

There’s a lot more coming this year (mobile!)… stay tuned… and for more information check out our Training offerings here.

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