The ‘Desi’ Avengers

January 16, 2017


Security Compass, through the eyes of a team member based out of the India office.

Security Compass was started by passionate and self-driven people who helped bring application security to the center stage of a chaotic world which is increasingly dependent on technology. More than decade since inception, the company now has a presence across multiple continents and is a global leader in supporting Fortune 500 companies with their security needs.

The #India Connection

Personally speaking, the India office is a reflection of how the values and culture of the business have stayed intact even with all the growth and expansion across continents. With all the superpowers we possess — I wouldn’t shy away from calling the team — the ‘desi’ avengers, who have all the fun whilst doing what they excel at doing.

The only picture I could find with all of us wearing formals on the same day.

Unlike many other companies where India office is used merely as an offshore unit, Security Compass works on the principle of one team. The team across geographies pass on the baton to each other while the moon-sun crossover happens. And the cycle continues.

Security Compass doesn’t just provide an opportunity to solve challenging security problems for the clients, that are industry leaders using the latest technologies, but the opportunity to also help build your personal brand as you move up the ladder in your career.

So, what does our day look like?

With the tradition to pass on the relay torch at the end of the day, we follow a bit of a shifted schedule as compared to the local corporate hours. Opening the shop late saves us from the morning rush, peak hour traffic, and enables us to enjoy our breakfasts at ease, of course. This gives us an excellent opportunity to not skip a beat from the various roles we play during the day — both at home and work. For the not-so-early risers like myself, working at Security Compass India has been a blessing in disguise. Though, occasionally that means trading in a Friday night party for a work meeting.

Connecting the dots.

It’s getting close to two years that I’ve been with SC.

When I began my journey here, back in mid 2015, it took time to adjust to the flexible schedules we have. After all, not every employer is as generous to not wield a corporate discipline whip at everything you do. When I first started, I was unable to keep track of time zones, I accidentally broke chairs at the office, and even asked some stupidest questions ever pronounced in the world. But, the best part is — no one judges you for anything. Security Compass gives you the breathing space to make mistakes, to be you, just the honest you, blossoming the real you — and you feel at ease, as you continually improve and develop yourself — both at work and at home. In addition, a yearly in-person attendance to the summer all-hands at our headquarters in Toronto, Canada, gives us a chance to put faces to the names of our fantabulous counterparts in North America. Both teams are able to understand the difference in work cultures across continents which certainly diminishes any possible language barriers and promotes the “one team spirit” we strive for.

As time passes by, the openness, supportiveness, and transparency we practice at Security Compass has become a gold standard for my conscience. The lack of micro-management (that’s true!) has helped me become more organized and I have now learned the art of managing my own schedules. Keeping things plain and simple is what we preach, and it’s the very same virtue that we intend to pass along in the work we do — helping companies understand and distil complicated security challenges into manageable projects paired with practical solutions.

Security Compass has helped me become a better person — both personally and professionally, and I encourage you to consider joining us, if this is the kind of culture that fires you up too. The work is enriching, culture is awesome, people are wonderful and the parities are great.

Wouldn’t it make you proud to tumble your head down into a rabbit hole, only to reach a beautiful wonderland? Yes, Security Compass is that place to me.

Aakash Kumar Goel is a Security Consultant at Security Compass India where he specializes in application and infrastructure security. Aakash started his career in secure software development and has been contributing to the security industry for more than 5 years. He is an active member of local security communities in India, including null, DEFCON and OWASP.



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