Project Management in a Digital World


Today’s project managers are continually looking for cutting edge tools and technology to help improve collaboration and communication across teams. This digital, real-time, live connection is particularly important as multidisciplinary cross-country teams are increasingly common and project members are often located in different countries.

Thanks to the evolution of technology, new ways to collaborate, share information, and execute projects have emerged. By 2020, more than 25 million devices will be connected globally.

Organizations are already considering the advantages of adopting new digital tools for project management that offer new approaches for work, minimize bureaucracy and structure; increasing collaboration and participation by allowing team members to utilize different web and mobile tools. These digital project management tools (usually available both on the web or in the form of apps available for mobile devices) allow teammates to stay in sync, share information across the board and help organize what teams are working on so team members can visually see that their efforts are contributing towards a common objective.

Two such digital project management tools our teams use on a daily basis at Security Compass are JIRA and Asana. Let’s explore how digital project management tools can help teams manage and execute projects more effectively.

1. Improved project transparency.

When teams organize projects and tasks online, they are able to quickly track and identify what the current status of a project is. All team members can see their own and their teammate’s assignments, deadlines, project phases, and plan upcoming tasks to help stay on track which improves efficiency and overall project execution.

2. Project status is available at-a-glance.

Digital project management tools are able to display the progress of a project in real-time, on demand, to any team member. Team members and project stakeholders are able to quickly assess or communicate the latest status of the project, saving valuable time during meetings.

3. It is quick and easy to access important information.

A digital tool can help keep all documentation, images and information within one platform to help team members access information quickly and easily. Stakeholders engaged on the project are also able to download documentation immediately without any project interruptions via email information requests throughout the course of the project.

4. Timelines and assignments can be quickly modified.

With web or mobile-based project management software, project managers can easily reorganize tasks and assignments online with automatic notifications sent out to inform team members in real time. All affected team members will receive the new dates, deadlines or changes in the project straight to their inbox or via in-app or desktop notifications. Discussion and Q&A regarding modified timelines or assignments can also happen in real-time within the software via comments, notes, and/or attachments, minimizing inefficiencies in communicating team-wide why things have changed.

5. There is only one version of key documents.

All the latest documents related to the project can be stored in one place. In this way, team members can access these documents as many times as they want and whenever they like — with every team member always accessing the latest version of the document. This helps minimize miscommunication or misunderstanding between team members and stakeholders.

Whatever type or size of project you may be pursuing, digital project management software with web and mobile capabilities can help project managers and team members collaborate, communicate more effectively, and work together more efficiently. The outcome of improved efficiency is a better result for your clients and a better experience for your team.

Authored by

Rossana Ludena, PMP Certified Project Manager at Security Compass.



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