Mobile Security Presentation from Cloud Seminar Day

February 17, 2012


Today, Yuk Fai Chan and I presented “Bust a Cap in a Mobile App” at the CTE Solutions Cloud Seminar Day. The abstract of the talk was:

Enterprises realize the efficiency in which employees operate by using mobile apps and allowing employees to bring their own smartphones to the workplace, a merging of enterprise and consumer use presents real risks to the enterprise.
We will discuss a number of mobile attack scenerios that may compromise enterprise data and present ot you how attackers may try to get at information within smartphones. This session will included several demonstrations, including an open source ExploitME mobile app for Android and iPhone, as well as security threats such as protocol manipulation, sensitive data stored on devices, reverse engineering, and breaking poor mobile cryptography. We will also briefly look at some defensive coding techniques to protect against the weaknesses we exploit.


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