Mobile Security for the Forgetful

Are you interested in mobile application security? Max Veytsman, a security consultant at Security Compass, will be speaking on this hot topic at the next OWASP Toronto chapter meeting. Come and check it out!

Date/Time: May 11th, 2011, 5:00–6:00 PM EST
Location: Auditorium C, 315 Front Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 3A4
Length: 60 minutes

Title: Mobile Security for the Forgetful

You’ve accidentally misplaced your company or personal mobile phone in a public location. In this scenario, what threats do you and your organization face?

This talk will be about the worst case scenario in mobile security: when the attacker has physical access to the phone. According to DataLossDB, about 1/5 of all data breeches they have recorded are due to lost or stolen laptops. Phones are much easier to lose (or steal) then laptops, and these days the data on our phones can be as confidential as the data on our laptops.

This talk will go over physical access attacks from an attackers perspective, discuss ways of coding mobile applications to defend against these kinds of attacks, and discuss some ways of securing our phones as users. Technical details in this talk will focus on the Android platform.

Speaker bio:

Max Veytsman is a Security Consultant with Security Compass. He specializes in web and mobile security assessments. Max also leads Security Compass’ training development in the mobile space. Max studied Computer Science at the University of Toronto. His interests include cryptography, programming language design, and computer vision.

Please RSVP at yukfai [ at ] securitycompass [ dot ] com to confirm your attendance.

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