Mitigating Your Mitigation

The evolution of DDoS throughout 2015 has been unfolding at an alarming rate. Organizations that have DDoS mitigation solutions in place are not immune to these attacks, as each new attack evolves to bypass defenses. This is an example of the evolution of DDoS as well as how DDoS mitigation can fail without the proper tests to assure their quality and pinpoint vulnerabilities.

For the last few days I have noticed the constant updates on Githubs (An American coding website) status website discussing DDoS attacks they have been mitigating. For over 4 days their mitigation solutions have been attempting to resolve evolving attacks, once one attack has been resolved a new attack is launched that bypasses their current solution. Github has been put in a dynamic position that is difficult to solve, as the attacks continue they must identify the vulnerability and rectify the situation. To avoid similar situations the appropriate actions organizations must take is to pre-test their defenses, doing so would allow them to identify all vulnerabilities, giving them an opportunity to solve it before an attack is launched against them and to be resilient towards DDoS attacks.


Figure 1- Evolution of DDoS Botnets over recent years

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