Life as an Advisory Intern at Security Compass


Security Compass places great value on internships. Over 50% of our interns have continued on to become full time employees and key members of our Advisory Team. I personally started off as an intern back in 2010 and now I work as a Principal Consultant on our Advisory team.

We are currently looking to hire interns for the summer and fall terms and are in contact with multiple schools. If you find that we haven’t reached out to your school, you are welcome to apply directly through our careers site.

Beyond the job description, what can you expect when working as part of our Advisory team? Interns will start their term by going through the standard onboarding process, receiving training, and jumping straight into shadowing our consultants on assessments.

You will get the opportunity to learn from multiple members of our team from a wide variety of assessments. Interns working for our team have had a chance to work on web application assessments, network pentests, iOS/Android mobile assessments, social engineering, and more.

As an Advisory intern you will get to experience life as a security consultant doing real world security testing for the largest companies in the world. Many of our assessments go beyond simply testing, and involve working with our clients to solve unique security problems. By the end of their terms, our interns have had the chance to experience a fairly wide range of security-related activities.

Life as a consultant can be challenging, regardless of where you work. It’s a fast paced environment where you are constantly challenged with new problems to solve. It isn’t for everyone, and our best candidates who have excelled in the role have been able to:

  • Be adaptable and be able to solve complex problems — Every assessment that you work on will have its unique challenges, being able to think on your feet and come up with solutions is critical in the consulting world.
  • Be driven to find security issues — Many of our clients have built robust security programs over the years, meaning that the low hanging fruit, the standard vulnerabilities, are rare. Interns who’ve been successful are creative, and sufficiently driven to identify and chain together multiple vulnerabilities to discover impactful concerns for the customer.

To top it off, Security Compass offers a vibrant and stimulating workplace culture. Whether it’s the project you’re working on or the people you’re working with, we hope our interns enjoy going to work every day and are excited about tackling new challenges. When you finish your term, we hope you will be able to return to school not only with relevant and transferable skills, but with a passion for security.

If you are interested in joining our team as an intern, please apply through your school’s Internship program or directly through our careers site.

Authored by Pratik Amin, Principal Security Consultant at Security Compass.



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