Exploiting and Defending Mobile Training @CanSecWest


Salut à tous,

We are pleased to announce that we will be presenting our “Exploiting and Defending Mobile” training course @CanSecWest.

Our “Exploiting and Defending Mobile” training will provide you with two days of insight into the world of mobile hacking. The course is designed to keep a balance between theoretical knowledge & practical experience. Anyone can read a whitepaper about mobile hacking but unless you’ve exploited it against real-world applications and owned it completely, it all tastes too bland. This training course is designed to spice up your pwning experience.

During this training, students will discover mobile hacking techniques for Android and iOS platforms. They will understand the platform security models, device security models, app analysis, file system analysis and runtime analysis for these popular mobile operating systems.

This course will provide students with the knowledge necessary to assess mobile app security including what hackers look for in mobile apps. Hacking apps themselves will equip them with the skills required to protect their own apps from attacks.

If this is not enough, this training course would enable you to understand the pitfalls to mobile device security and the importance of developing mobile apps securely. They will learn the concepts necessary to securely develop mobile apps in your organization.

Attending training is fun and great opportunity to learn in a good environment from skilled and experienced instructors. However, the sad part is that once the training is over, we typically return to our daily work routine and seldom get a chance to further our knowledge because of the lack of labs and material. At Security Compass, we acknowledge this problem and, unlike many other training programs, we give away the lab environment for our students to keep honing their skills on.

Introducing “Exploit Me Mobile”, an open source project demonstrating iOS and Android mobile hacking. We’ve developed this set of labs and an exploitable framework for you to hack mobile applications on iOS and Android. If you’re a developer, you can also gain some great insight on how to securely develop mobile applications and prevent common programming pitfalls when making mobile applications. Feel free to download our Android and iOS labs.

For more details and complete training curriculum, click here

Our trainers are experienced, patient and well groomed. Sometimes they also pull out a rabbit from their hat, so you don’t have to worry about falling asleep.

So, if you’re looking to explore the world of mobile hacking or move from newbie to competent in a great learning environment, remember:

Course Name: Exploiting and Defending Mobile
Venue: CanSecWest Vancouver 2013
Dates: March 2–3 & March 4–5 2013

For March 2nd training, Sign up here
For March 4th training, Sign up here

See you there!


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