Easing Security into Unique Development Environments


Richard Sanchez is a patient at the Eye Associates of Pinellas. Mr. Sanchez was told earlier in June that his personal and health information may have been stolen when Bizmatics, a software vendor for 15,000 healthcare provider clients, was breached.

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, breaches are up 19.8 percent from last year, and an increased number of individuals and companies are seeing the impact of cyber-attacks first hand. Consumers are also becoming more cyber security savvy; uncertainty around which part of their information was stolen and unknown sources of breaches add to their gaze of distrust which is now set squarely on software vendors such as Bizmatics.

“I actually blame the outside vendor,” Sanchez says.

Software developers are blanching under that gaze as 69% of consumers are less inclined to do business with a breached organization (2015 Verizon). Security Compass has provided much needed protection to developers for years and we have raised that bar even higher with our latest software release, SD Elements 4.

Software developers depend on SD Elements to provide compliance, security and training. Teams reduce vulnerabilities, efforts and overall cost by integrating SD Elements 4 into their development tools and processes, and employ our extensive database to build security and protection into their software from design to release.

Security Compass’s customers are clamoring for our latest version which meets their unique needs. Developers use similar tools to build their software but their development environments are vastly different. So, we built a new, easily customizable architecture that fits seamlessly into their environments.

With SD Elements 4, we are moving to an API-driven architecture. APIv2 is the new first class citizen in the SD Elements architecture and supports the majority of available operations. Our customers can fully access APIv2, enabling them to implement many functions that are unique to their workflow SD Elements 4. The application also includes a brand new front-end interface that is built entirely on top of APIv2, making SD Elements 4 both beautiful and functional.

To further ensure that customers can integrate SD Elements into any development environment, we built the ultimate in customization capability by introducing a new plug-in framework. Our customers can write their own plug-ins in order to add new functionality to SD Elements 4. Users can create a development tool integration in SD Elements that is not included “in the box”, or they can build custom reports based on their own internal compliance and governance requirements. This added functionality transforms SD Elements from a product to a comprehensive platform.

In a world of divergent business strategies, development processes, and rapid threat shifts, SD Elements 4 can help our customers ensure that their software protects consumers. In return, consumers look to our customers with trust.

If you are curious about SD Elements 4, you can sign-up for a free demo and build security into your software at the speed of business.

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