Does One Size Fit All?


Let Security Compass Guide Your Company’s Application Security Program

The best way to assess whether your company’s application security program is working is to leverage peer benchmarking. Peer benchmarking gives a company an unbiased holistic view of where they are succeeding and where they may need to make some adjustments.

In the security industry at present, vendors will typically offer to compare your company to others who have implemented general application security programs. These reports are useful but only provide a general knowledge of what a good application security program consists of. We believe that a deeper dive into specific industry related trends and comparisons is required to scale your application security program in the right direction.

Our Mission:

Security is not one-size-fits-all; every company requires a unique security blueprint. Building this blueprint should be a company-wide effort that starts with a strong foundation of industry-specific security knowledge.

To start building your unique blueprint, we are asking if you would like to partner with us to provide data about your application security program. You, in return, will get a free peer benchmarking report, measuring your own application security program against other companies in your industry.

Let us help you get started building your unique blueprint


1. Collect Data: We will collect data over the phone or in person with a series of specific and targeted questions. This usually takes less than one hour.

Example: What is the relative importance of application security in your overall information security program?

2. Analyze and Compare: After we meet with you, we will analyze the data and start building out industry specific reports.

3. Share Results: We will send you a FREE report illustrating how your security program lines up against other organizations within your industry. We will also include some guidance on next steps.

One size doesn’t fit all… If you are a Fortune 1000 company, contact us to understand how to scale your application security program to fit your needs.

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