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Choosing the Right Security Requirements Solution for your Organization


Imagine turning on the radio and discovering that there is only one radio station playing one artist who has the only musical instrument in the world. Now imagine that radio is the only way to hear music; there aren’t any other sources. Even if we love the music at first, eventually the artist will just put us to sleep, literally. That’s a definition of miserable that we don’t have to endure. Instead, we get to thank scientists, businesses, artists, creativity, and the human need for variety that we live in a time when music and access to it is diverse and customizable by playlists and pre-sets.

The variety and customization of music helps us meet our needs and wants. Security Compass’s existing and potential customers expressed a desire for variety in our products. They wanted more choices and the ability to harmonize one of their favorite security solutions, SD Elements, with their development processes. We listened, and our developers worked tirelessly to build SD Elements 4, which introduces three new product tiers: Express, Professional and Enterprise.

All of our customers enjoy a core set of features in SD Elements 4 that includes smart project profiling, customizable tasks, seamless integration with popular ALMs, RESTful APIs, and a functional dashboard. They rely on SDE’s continuously updated expert security content database and can customize internal and external requirements, so that each software development team that uses SD Elements can build securely.

Some customers want SD Elements 4 but don’t require the deep customization and integration capabilities of the Professional and Enterprise tiers. Our customers who are just starting out toward building security into their software are most interested in SD Elements 4 Express. They have access to a core set of features and are set up on a shared cloud service which keeps their costs down. While maintaining many of the traditional benefits of using SD Elements, Express is a more lightweight application that empowers greater speed and agility.

Our customers who want the same benefits as Express but require deeper customization, integration, and other features choose SD Elements 4 Professional. With the dedicated server, they appreciate SAML SSO integration, theming, corporate localization and business unit support. Our Professional tier customers integrate their security scanning tools with SD Elements 4 to validate development tasks with known compliance requirements like PCI and HIPAA. They also appreciate the option to include just-in-time training; advanced training that is topical and reinforces the information security best practices used in their developers’ current work.

SD Elements 4 Enterprise customers receive all the benefits of Express and Professional, along with the option of a dedicated server on their premises and a plethora of additional advanced features. With Enterprise, an unlimited number of developers can build security into software using the tools they work with every day. Authentication and user access is simplified by integrating with popular LDAP, Trusted Authentication, and SSO services.

Even though SD Elements 4 integrates smoothly with a number of popular ALMs and scanners out of the box, Enterprise customers who use other development tools are able to create custom integrations that work seamlessly with their ALMs and scanners of choice. They cut costs by saving time with automated synchronization of static and dynamic scanner integrations, and bulk import and export of the included security content libraries. Many also choose to customize libraries specific to their development, and they use the scanner integration to create finely tuned validation reports.

Variety and choice are requirements for exemplary application security software. With the addition of the Express, Professional and Enterprise product tier offerings, SD Elements 4 provides our customers and the development world a unique opportunity to build security into their software at the speed and diversity that business and the shifting threat and requirement landscape demands. To learn more about SD Elements 4 and to see which version is most suitable for your development teams, visit our site and sign up for a Free Demo.

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