Battle School: RSA 2015

You will never influence the world by trying to be like it.

The core of our culture is to be different — to be memorable, whether its during a team outing or customer engagements. This was no different for us at RSA.

Background Story:

About a year ago @mrvaughan approached me with a hybrid CTF booth idea that he wanted to do. The idea expanded on NFC village but wasn’t limited to just NFC, it could showcase our other research and interests such as lock picking and DDoS.

After a few months of planning and long nights of tinkering (thanks to @mrvaughan, @bennettaur and @marklegault), Battle School came to life! The first sighting of Battle School was in Atlanta for the ASIS conference that was fully sponsored by (ISC)2. We were all very nervous to see how a hands on booth would do in the corporate conference environment. Shortly after the doors opened, we had a crowd of people gathered around, learning. This was a great branding success for the team which is why Battle School was iterated on and used at RSA 2015.

The Build Up:

Excitement, stress and nervousness are the three emotions that I think the Battle School team felt right before the conference. Excited to see the work in action, stressed that something wouldn’t work or was forgotten and nervous that the booth wouldn’t be well received with our key audience. After getting through the first three days of set up, our minds were at rest; All we could do was wait and see what the attendees did.


Battle School was a huge success — there was really no down point at the booth the whole week. Along with great quality leads, we had a few journalists stop by and write about Battle School and their experience.

Final Review:

Leads — 150 qualified leads

Media: Video 1 and Video 2 and SDXCentral

As Steve Jobs once said, innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower, Battle School is a prime example of that.


Interested in Battle School?

Try our Web Application Division online:

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