ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!


Challenge Background

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge first began with a golfer in Florida. He decided to nominate a few friends and soon after Social Media took over. Now at $22 million, the donations are still coming in.

To some, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has become repetitive and nothing but a fad. But to those who know someone living with ALS, it is incredible to see all the support. Not only has this challenge raised more money than ever expected, but it has raised the awareness of ALS across the nation.

The challenge is simple: It begins with being nominated then followed by having 24 hours to either pour a bucket of ice water over yourself and donate $10 or donate $100 to the ALS Association.

Security Compass’s Involvement

Security Compass has decided to take on the challenge as a company. Those who took part in the challenge have offered a $10 donation, and those who didn’t have contributed as well.

We are not only continuing the awareness, but hope to get companies as a whole involved in the support. The goal is to increase the donations and have companies become closer as a team.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge — Security Compass

Security Compass would like to nominate (ISC)2, Telus, and Rally Software. You have 24 hours!

Donations can be made here:;jsessionid=C465ECBE343B9C02087AC1331E721D34.app278b?df_id=27420&27420.donation=form1

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