Rohit Sethi

Rohit Sethi is the Chief Executive Officer of Security Compass and focuses on helping organizations balance product security with time to market. He joined Security Compass in 2006 and has played an integral part in helping the company with its strategic transformation. He was instrumental in the development of the company’s flagship product, SD Elements. In his previous role as the company’s COO, Rohit was responsible for designing and achieving corporate objectives, company alignment, and driving strategy to execution. He has appeared as a security expert on news media channels such as Bloomberg, CNBC, and FoxNews. He also regularly speaks at leading industry conferences and has contributed thought leadership articles to major publications such as CNN, the Huffington Post, and InfoQ.

  • Cloud Adoption in the Financial Services Industry

    Cloud Adoption in the Financial Services Industry

    Despite the benefits of cloud computing, financial institutions lag behind other industries in terms of cloud adoption. The risk of data loss and regulatory compliance are some of the major concerns.

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  • How You Can Ensure Secure Cloud Migration

    How You Can Ensure Secure Cloud Migration

    Cloud migrations offer a lot of benefits, but you need to ensure data security to make the move successful. Learn how you can migrate securely.

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  • A Message From Our CEO

    A Message From Our CEO

    Our commitment to our customers, prospects, partners, and communities.

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