Paul Lariviere

Paul is a Technical Director at Security Compass who has a strong background in embedded development and security assessments. As a security consultant, Paul has conducted network penetration tests, application security assessments, embedded device security assessments, and physical security assessments. He also participates in adversarial simulation engagements and conducts training sessions for internal teams.

  • Why Conduct a Red Team Exercise?

    Why Conduct a Red Team Exercise?

    Businesses who conduct Red Team exercises have reduced costs when a data breach occurs.

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  • Ripple20 Malware Highlights Industrial Security Challenges

    The recent discovery of 19 vulnerabilities in a lightweight TCP/IP library has sent shockwaves across industries as it exposes millions of organizations to potential cyberattacks.

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  • Making Remote Access More Secure Post-COVID-19

    Making Remote Access More Secure Post-COVID-19

    With the sudden move to remote work, organizations haven't been able to consider the security ramifications of accessing network assets from homes. Learn how you can make remote access more secure.

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